You Always Do This

by Mansion Closets

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All of these songs are home recordings. This album is the product of many late nights and sessions crammed into my own closets, the closets of friends and the closets of complete strangers.

I hope you enjoy this little album as much as I enjoyed making it.

I love you all very much and wish to share my music with as many human beings as possible.


released September 19, 2010

Damien Verrett - Male Vocals, Sequencing, Guitar, Words
Juliana Lydell - Female Vocals + Words on tracks 1, 2, 6



all rights reserved


Mansion Closets Sacramento

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Track Name: I Hope You Like Spider Pellets
Don't tell me what I can and cannot do
or the things I'm powerless to prove.
You call yourself prodigal son
and me, I'm the pretentious one.

Let me help you down from that tall equine of yours.

Just like sheep who eat their own wool
before the sheers can take it from them take it all off
your face will move in ways I can't recognize the next time we talk.
But at least I know it was me who split the seams.

Yeah I ripped this up.

I planted every page I tore out in the lawn.
All seeds of doubt to the wind.
Blooms will grow on this gnarled and stunted tree.
And oh how they thrive, so mockingly.
And all the ends in my ash tray will turn into leaves.
Into gargantuan evergreens.
And me to steam.
You wait here, I'm gonna go find an axe.
Track Name: Sweet Dew
The marhsland's murk makes short work of my footwear.
She gave me fair warning said, "Wear galoshes when you get there."

Conquered the highlands, dreaded the wetlands.
Pulled myself from that swamp to find myself in love and
that would be great, excluding just one minor fact,
I've never met a girl who had the heart to love me back.

My spine is shaking
Winter here is not what I am used to
coincidence does not exist, so you can share my igloo if you want to

I didn't feel so brave when I began
but the frontier thickened this skin.
And now I'm certain I can face anything except going home again

See and see and never ever speak
the lense gets too big for me
when I see and see and never ever speak

I can't decide whether I want to be punched in the mouth or kissed on the lips.

It doesn't sound like the same instinct
but it is.
Track Name: Don't Sweat It
I hate your workout clothes

This is a fairly nice restaurant
So why do you still have sweat pants on?
I hate your workout clothes

I hate your workout clothes

I understand you just got back from the gym
But it took weeks to get this reservation
I hate you workout clothes

Ahhh Oooo

Show some class
you're not in spin class
You're not on a treadmill
I'm buying you a meal

I hate your workout clothes

I'm taking you to meet my folks tonight
Oh baby
You should wear that pretty dress I like
Please promise me that you will stay controlled
Don't even go in that spare room with the elliptical

I should've known that this would be an issue
You don't think this is a problem? Well I do
I can't help but be embarrassed because
instead of high heels you went and wore your Adidas
Track Name: Shit Show
Why should Sunday be such a garbage day?
You only make it that way.

All depends upon the effort that you make.

Saturday day night was such a big fucking mistake.

"Holy hell," she says, "My head is sore. How many shots did you let me take?"

"Sunday's gonna be such a garbage day."

But what if it's ok?

Why should Sunday be such a garbage day?

I bet my bottom dollar that you'll live to see Monday.
Track Name: Substanceless
I know exactly why your whole life is so substanceless.
You don't depend on any substances.

Your life without a haze
the fact that you've survived so long has me simply amazed.

I know exactly why your whole life is so out of sorts.
You don't have any lines of coke to snort.

You're far too clean too chaste. Forget about it,
my friend I'm sorry I even asked.

This crutch, this crux, this curse
if someone had to drown I'd pick you to be the first.
Track Name: Her Leitmotif
I shouldn't have to convince you
how gorgeous you are
still, I'll keep dulling up your mirrors
and dimming down your candelabras

You and I are well aware
you're quite the catch
It's altogether rather insulting,
now cut the act

Nothing lies quite like a diamond
and nothing ever will
My god, I'd kill
to slide that dreadful stone upon your hand

Nothing's ever lasted
and nothing ever will
still, things this still
make one think one may have a chance

I think I feel this commonality between our souls
the way you tell me everything I want to hear and then some
all I know is I don't hurt when you speak
so just keep talking please

and keeping up with the Jones', my dear

Nothing dies like my ambitions
and in their place they leave
this appetite for sincerity that I can't live with or without out

If I kill you do I become you?
When's it my turn to be
the one desired
not the one desiring?

Just keep talking
Track Name: What's The Occasion?
She says, "40 this" She says, "40 that"
I'd pay you 40 bucks to shut your stupid goddamn trap.
I don't care how many handles you can put down in a week
though, I like you just drunk enough that I don't have to hear you speak.

It's all the rage
to supplement your age.
Let's go out in a pack,
stand round and pat each others' backs.

She says "I control my fate so just step off."
I'd pay you 40 bucks to find a bridge to go step off.
How's about we stay at home tonight. Let's call it quits.
I'd lock up all the booze but I bet you could get drunk off your spit.

How many weekends in sequence
can you put up with all your friends?
Your whole life is a celebration.
But what's the occasion?

I've got nothing better to do than deliver the entire truth.
It's a wee bit easier to do when your friends are all 80 proof.
I know only what it is I need to follow
those factors which govern the paths of each inebriating swallow.

Let's go out in a swarm
leave our decency at the dorms
Track Name: Anything But You
I don't care about anything but you.
I've got half a mind to tell your folks what you've been up to.

Listen here, this really isn't a joke.
I've got half a mind to rat you out to your folks.
Track Name: You Always Do This!
Perhaps I don't give a damn.

You keep telling me I'm beautiful
just shut it, shit, of course I am.

All you all you all you ever do is talk.
There might be substance in it somewhere,
but I'm guessing not a lot.

You put so much emphasis on the treasure you hold,
but why even start to digging when the dirt is pure gold?

So what if I get pissed?
Don't even act like you don't, because you always do this.

Talk talk talk
I don't give a fuck who you listen to.
But if I ever do, you'll be the first to know.

Talk talk talk
I don't give a fuck how the weekend went.
But, if your friends all leave I'll be the first to go.

You always do this.