Her Leitmotif

from by Mansion Closets



I shouldn't have to convince you
how gorgeous you are
still, I'll keep dulling up your mirrors
and dimming down your candelabras

You and I are well aware
you're quite the catch
It's altogether rather insulting,
now cut the act

Nothing lies quite like a diamond
and nothing ever will
My god, I'd kill
to slide that dreadful stone upon your hand

Nothing's ever lasted
and nothing ever will
still, things this still
make one think one may have a chance

I think I feel this commonality between our souls
the way you tell me everything I want to hear and then some
all I know is I don't hurt when you speak
so just keep talking please

and keeping up with the Jones', my dear

Nothing dies like my ambitions
and in their place they leave
this appetite for sincerity that I can't live with or without out

If I kill you do I become you?
When's it my turn to be
the one desired
not the one desiring?

Just keep talking


from You Always Do This, released September 19, 2010



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