What's The Occasion?

from by Mansion Closets



She says, "40 this" She says, "40 that"
I'd pay you 40 bucks to shut your stupid goddamn trap.
I don't care how many handles you can put down in a week
though, I like you just drunk enough that I don't have to hear you speak.

It's all the rage
to supplement your age.
Let's go out in a pack,
stand round and pat each others' backs.

She says "I control my fate so just step off."
I'd pay you 40 bucks to find a bridge to go step off.
How's about we stay at home tonight. Let's call it quits.
I'd lock up all the booze but I bet you could get drunk off your spit.

How many weekends in sequence
can you put up with all your friends?
Your whole life is a celebration.
But what's the occasion?

I've got nothing better to do than deliver the entire truth.
It's a wee bit easier to do when your friends are all 80 proof.
I know only what it is I need to follow
those factors which govern the paths of each inebriating swallow.

Let's go out in a swarm
leave our decency at the dorms


from You Always Do This, released September 19, 2010



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